Download みんなで早押しクイズ – 無料 雑学 オンラインクイズゲーム APK for iOs Android

Download – APK for iOs Android
Download – APK for iOs Android

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「music is VFR」様
「On-Jin ~音人~」様
This app is early push quiz game app can play more than one person. Online play mode to play to kill time alone, you can choose with everyone that can confront the close of the people in the off-line from the competition mode. With friends, and family, at a party, in drinking and blind date, you can enjoy the quiz like a television program.

■ online battle mode
You can online match on a one-to-one.
To answer within the time limit, it is the victory of the player that was preempted 50 points ahead.
You can also send a message in the confrontation and chat with friends with each other.
Practice a little killing time and early push quiz, it is also recommended for daily brain training.

■ battle mode with everyone
Using the bluetooth communication, you can confront the close of the people.
Make the game in question who (1 person) + solver (more than one person).
Preoccupation Once you win 50 points, such as losing When the last remaining in Kachinuke, please be the end of the game in the likes timing to set the freely rule.

That can question who
Game progress (read-aloud problem statement, right or wrong judgment of the answer, the next issue)
· Score set for each problem
· Score check of the answer everyone
·Game over

That can answer’s
• Press the answer button
– answer to the problem

■ problem creating function
You can create the original problem.
Created problem, or questions in the competition mode with everyone, or you can post a quiz for online play.

The sound source-providing
“Devil soul” like
“Music is VFR” -like
“On-Jin ~ sound people -” like
“Pocket sound” like

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