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● 記憶力:有【記數字、左左右右、配對消去】。

● 邏輯力:有【猜數字1A2B、數獨】。

● 撲克牌:有【排七、大老二、撿紅點、九九、抽烏龜、吹牛、接龍】。

● 消消樂:有【積木消除、象棋大吃小】。

● 拼圖:有【圖片拼圖、象棋滑塊、字母滑塊、圖片滑塊】。
[People] is a clever integration of [memory, logic, playing cards, puzzles, games Diminshing music],
Different types have different levels of clearance conditions,
Move your brains, to break all the barriers, you are wise up to people.
Moreover, through the list, you can see your score in the global ranking Oh world.
The game features:
● Memory: There are [remember numbers, from side to side, paired elimination].

● logic power: there [Guess 1A2B, Sudoku].

● poker: There are [row seven Big Two, pick up the red dot, ninety, pumping turtle, bragging, Solitaire].

● Diminshing music: there is [building blocks to eliminate, eat small chess].

● puzzle: there [picture puzzles, chess slider, slider letters, photographs slider].
● 修正最新版本無法執行的問題。
● 首頁增加【備份遊戲】功能:即使換手機,分數與解鎖仍可帶著走。
● 增加各類型與總成績的【全球排行榜】。

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