Download Picaboo Private Photo Sharing 2.3.3 APK for iOs Android

Download Picaboo Private Photo Sharing 2.3.3 APK for iOs Android
Download Picaboo Private Photo Sharing 2.3.3 APK for iOs Android

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Picaboo allows you to instantly exchangehundreds of photos with friends without uploading or sending yourphotos anywhere!

Get Picaboo for the following cool features:
* Fastest Photo Sharing – Picaboo was specifically designed toshare large number of photos instantly, within seconds.
* The most secure and private way to share photos.
* Photo expiration – Enjoy extra security with self destructivephotos feature, viewed photos will be automatically deleted fromPicaboo albums after 3 days.
* Share photo albums with Multiple Friends at Once.
* This is the anti-Facebook application. Your photos are not storedin some central place forever, they are transferred between you andyour friends phones.
* Private Photo Collections – allow private access to photos youselect and only to friends you choose.
* Fastest way to transfer photos between phones.

Picaboo enables you to quickly share large numbers of photos &albums with your friends. With Picaboo you can share all photosfrom your phone. You can share hundreds of photos with oneclick.

Picaboo is way more secure than Facebook or Snapchat, your photosbelong to you and are not uploaded or stored anywhere. Only you andyour friends have access to the photos you want to share. Sharingis instant, you can share up to 300 photos with one click.

■ More About Picaboo – Private Secure Photo Sharing

– Everything is encrypted and secured. Built on the secure HotspotShield platform, your privacy and security is guaranteed.

– Your friends are not required to download the app to view photos.They need to download Picaboo if they want to like or comment orshare their photos with you.

– You choose who gets access to your photos.

– There is no limitation on the number or type of photos you sharewith friends using Picaboo.

■ How you can use Picaboo – Private Secure Photo Sharing

– Party pics! Had an epic party with a bunch of different peopletaking pictures? Share and exchange photos with your closestfriends without having to worry about your boss or mom seeingthem.

– Trip pictures! Went on a trip with 5 close friends and have 100photos on your phones. Share and exchange them via Picaboo, nobodybesides the people who went on the trip with you will see thephotos. Super easy to share hundreds of photos with one click,without uploading or sending your photos anywhere. Your picturesdeserve Privacy! Your friends deserve Instant photo sharing.

– Family photos! Don’t worry about everyone on Facebook orInstagram seeing embarrassing photos from your family holiday. Onlyshow your family members the memories.

– Baby photos! Don’t want to be THAT person on Facebook with amillion baby photos? Or worried that strangers will download yourpics without your consent? Share them privately with Picaboo.

– Professional photographers! Securely allow your clients to proofyour photographs on the go with Picaboo. No passwords needed – youcan safely send your clients photos to preview then remove accessafter you’re done.

■ Powered by Anchorfree

AnchorFree is the world’s largest Internet Freedom & PrivacyPlatform. More than 500 million people have downloaded AnchorFree’sflagship Hotspot Shield application.
AnchorFree’s mission is to provide secure access to the world’sinformation for every person on the planet. Anchorfree believes inplacing consumers in control of their personal information online.Anchorfree provides millions of users with online security, privacyand access.

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