Free Download TravelBit Premium 1.0.0 APK for iOs Android

Free Download TravelBit Premium 1.0.0 APK for iOs Android
Free Download TravelBit Premium 1.0.0 APK for iOs Android

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While doing activities such as driving or commuting, you mayhavenoticed that your Fitbit tracker has accrued excess steps duetobumpy roads or other disturbances.

TravelBit aims to correct this issue by providing youwithan interface that allows you to easily log these activitiesandremove the unwanted steps from your tracker. UsingTravelBitis as simple as tapping the “Start” button beforeyou begin yourdrive and tapping the “Stop” button when you arefinished driving. Aconfirmation window will appear and allow youto verify that thecollected data is accurate before syncing itwith your Fitbittracker.

• Easy to use logging interface – Log your activities with thetouchof a button.
• The ability to store a queue of activities if you do nothaveinternet service while out and about.
• Customization of the type of activity you are logging – it isnotrestricted to just driving.
• Easily edit and correct any information before it is syncedwithFitbit to ensure that accurate data is sent
• Automatically detect when you are driving and log the activityforyou. **

** This is a feature available in the premium versionofTravelBit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have purchased the premium version and cannot find itinmy app list.

A: The premium version of TravelBit works like a key tounlockthe features of the original version, it is not a separateapp onits own. For this reason, when you purchase the premiumversion youstill continue to use the original version to run it andit willdetect that you have purchased the premium version andunlock thefeatures. You can find the original version of TravelBithere:TravelBiton the Google Play Store

Q: There seems to be a delay between when I start drivingandwhen it is detected by the app.
A: There is a small period of time where the app detects thatyouare driving, but does not notify you immediately that ithasdetected it until it is sure that you are driving. This istoprevent false-positives caused by rapid motion of your devicethatisn’t actually driving. Keep in mind that the time theappinitially detects you as driving is saved before this”graceperiod” is entered. You will find that when the actual driveislogged, the start time will usually be 3-5 minutes beforethenotification is actually sent.

Using the detected driving does not interfere withmanualentries. You are still able to manually log your drives ifyou areconcerned about the exact start and end times beingrecorded.Detected driving is intended to be more of a “fall back”methodthan to be relied upon for incredible accuracy.

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