Download Karaoke Sing & Record – Karaoke Voice 1.0.3 APK for iOs Android

Download Karaoke Sing Record – Karaoke Voice 1.0.3 APK for iOs Android
Download Karaoke Sing Record – Karaoke Voice 1.0.3 APK for iOs Android

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Karaoke voice simulator – learn to sing onstage or at party like superstar! Perform your favorite hits in thephone along with the music in the microphone and train professionalvocal.
Karaoke Voice Simulator is a singing match pitch simulator, whichtrains your attention and reaction. If you want to become a singerand a pop star, or just defeat everyone in a karaoke battles, youneed to train your vocal. You can sing solfeggio later, now justpractice matching pitch.
Rap, if you love street rhythms. Copy famous songs and experimentwith freestyle. Win cool hip-hop battle!
Learn to sing karaoke simulator professional voice, and your vocalswill appreciate at any party. Hold the phone like a microphone anddo hits favorite stars. Get on stage and surprise your guests witha music masterpiece!
The cool party fix up with the Karaoke Singing Simulator app,because karaoke in your pocket. Download the app, choose amicrophone, plug your favorite tune and sing along. Choose theavailable sings genre rap or lyrical style, add sound effects ofmale or female voices, use a DJ turntable. Sing along with theikons, invent funny tricks and movements. Arrange the contest, gainpoints and see who is the toughest in different genres and styles.Maybe someone of you the next pop star or the winner of the popularTV show. Turn on the music and have fun!
✪ SING: Browse through an endless catalogue of music videos from avariety of genres and themes to find songs sung by your favoriteartists. Plus, sing in any language!
✪ RECORD: Once you’ve chosen a song, record your vocal track as yousing along to the lyrics, add some of our special voice effectslike echo and reverb if you like. You can re-record yourself asmany times as you like if you think you can do better.
✪ SHARE your performance with the world on Facebook, Twitter, SMS,Whatsapp etc… and connect with friends to listen to theirperformances and rate their recordings.
+ Collab with your friends and favorite artists.
+ Record and edit your karaoke songs with a large selection ofspecial effects!
+ Powerful, immersive full-screen experience for a better singingexperience!
+ New functions like “Hook” allow for flexible recordings; onlysing the best part of your best karoke songs!
Sing karaoke app 100% free for you to do your favorite music. Withkaraoke Sing & Record you can unleash your search, sing theirfavorite songs. Full synthetic applications of best songs, thehottest and most popular in 2016. It also updates add more newsongs, or songs and happy new year, spring 2017. Helping youunleash Checkers love to sing without worrying still must include akaraoke room.
Sing karaoke & record:
 The application has powerful search function, you can potentiallyunfit for anything you want, today’s hottest songs, favorite singerthis year or many other ways if you want.
 The application has been listed categories clearly effortlesslyget you a better experience more convenient.
 catch the easy interface and user-friendly solution withyou.
 Sing karaoke & record recording function allows you to recordthe most memorable moments, burning your best, and you can listento the songs to feel again what you’ve shown.
 Karaoke online endless source of entertainment is indispensableto everyone.
Launch the Karaoke Voice Simulator application, select the trackand tap the keys at the proper time. Follow the rhythm of the musicand reach the combo maximum! Anyone can sing into the microphone,but no one can become a party star without training. The technicalpart is very important, so train matching pitch to feel therhythm.
At last you can have on your Smartphone thousands and thousands ofkaraokes in all languages​​, and all these completely FREE.
With this application you can sing your favorite songs in karaokemode and then
listen them feeling yourself as a super star.

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