Download DFNDR Performance: Clean, Boost, Speed & Space 1.0.6 APK for iOs Android

Download DFNDR Performance Clean Boost Speed Space 1.0.6 APK for iOs Android
Download DFNDR Performance Clean Boost Speed Space 1.0.6 APK for iOs Android

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DFNDR Performance is a top rated cleanerapp for your phone.
It offers a complete set of utilities to help keep your Androiddevice running at its best by maximizing storage and optimizingbattery performance. Each feature specializes in a differentfunction including freeing up storage space, keeping your cachefree of junk files that slow down processing power, testing thesecurity and speed of your Wi-Fi connection and more.

Cleaner features:

Quick Cleanup
Removes junk files that compromise the phone’s storage and cache,freeing up internal memory and SD card space.

Duplicate Photo
Are redundant pictures filling up your phone? Quickly identify anyduplicate photos in your gallery and easily select and deletethem.

App Manager
ast and efficient way to find and uninstall old apps you no longerwant or need . Why manually sift through your phone and deleteunwanted apps one at a time when you can easily identify and removethem all at once?

Clean WhatsApp & Clean Messenger
Two separate dedicated cleaners specific to Whatsapp & FacebookMessenger. Gain storage space by eliminating old, unwanted videos,audio messages, GIFs and images shared on WhatsApp or Facebook. Thecleaner makes it easy to see how much space you can save and allowsyou to easily select and delete specific files while keeping thosethat you want keep.

CPU Cooler
Protect your processor from overheating! The CPU cooler lowers thetemperature on your device and eliminates lag by closing backgroundapps with just one tap.

Boost Memory
Prevent lockups and crashes while improving processor speed byidentifying and closing unused apps running in the background onyour device.

Wifi Check
Connect to public Wi-Fi safely and confidently! The Wifi Check willtest speed and security and alert you to any problems with yourconnection.

Accelerate Internet
Improve slow internet connections with just a click! AccelerateInternet finds and closes apps that are slowing you down.

Game Booster
Put your phone into gaming mode! This tool optimizes RAM and keepsgames up to speed and lag free.

Total Charge
Protect your battery and prevent overcharging. Total chargemonitors your battery while charging, calculates total charge timeand extends battery life by preventing damage from staying on thecharger too long.

DFNDR Assistant
To help you get the most out of the DFNDR Performance app, rely onDFNDR Assistant to make recommendations on how best to improve andoptimize your phone’s performance. DFNDR Assistant customizes theexperience by analyzing power consumption and provides tips basedon how you use your device.

Gain quick access to optimization tools and other commonly usedfeatures on your device.

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