Download iChant-Harmony 1.1 APK for iOs Android

Download iChant-Harmony 1.1 APK for iOs Android
Download iChant-Harmony 1.1 APK for iOs Android

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Welcome to the spiritual world of soothingchants!

iPooja pleased to presents iChant- Harmony mobile app designedand recorded specially for the Android OS Immerse yourself in thesoothing chants to melt away the stress of your day-to-day routine.You can start your day with chants to energize your thoughts withpositive energy for the rest of the day or use it as a refreshingrewinder after a hectic day of activity. Our aesthetically designedartwork will please your eyes while you listen to the chants. Theharmony chants are specially designed to have a harmonic Aum as astand alone chant and also mixed with other two chants.

To further give you the feel of chanting with a Beaded Mala, aBeads counter will increase by one with each chant repetition.After 108 repetitions of Beads, the Mala counter increases by 1.The number 108 is a standard repetition count also called Japa. Youwill have the choice to reset the counters back to zero for a freshstart.

Chants kindle the spiritual energies within us. They make apositive effect on our mind and heart and bring us nearer to soul.We have selected following four chants in this edition of iChant-

1. Aum – The most sacred symbol in Hinduism, Aum (OM) is thesound of the infinite. It is said to be the essence of all Vedas,the highest of all mantras.

2. Gayatri Mantra – The foremost mantra in Hinduism inspireswisdom. The mantra is also a prayer to the Sun.

3. Shri Sainathay Namaha – Sainath – famously known as the SaiBaba of Shirdi. The chanting of name Sainath with faith is said toburn away the sins of speech and deeds.

We hope that you like the App. Please send us your valuablefeedback at [email protected]

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